Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church in Barkston Ash is one of the churches in the Sherburn Group of Parishes which also includes:

  • All Saints - Sherburn in Elmet
  • All Saints - Saxton
  • St Ricarius - Aberford
  • St Mary the Virgin - Micklefield.

Holy Trinity is situated on Church Street, Barkston Ash.

Further details about the Parish Group can be found at www.sherburninelmetgroup.org.uk


Reverend Canon Christopher Wilton, The Vicarage, Sir John’s Lane, Sherburn in Elmet.
Tel: 01977 682122
Reverend Martin Otter. The Old Post Office, Main Street ,Barkston Ash.
Tel: 01937 557254


Services are held each Sunday at 9.15 am.
The first Sunday in the month is the family service – everyone is welcome and children are encouraged at take part in the service by reading or joining in a craft activity. After this service refreshments are served.

When there is a fifth Sunday in the month, there is only one service in the benefice which begins at 10.00am held at each church in turn.
There is a Christingle service, usually, on the first Sunday in February where the Christingle collection candles are returned and the collection is sent to the Church of England Children’s Society.

There is an evening Harvest Festival service held in September/October followed by harvest supper in the village hall.

At Christmas there is a Carol Service, and on Christmas Eve there is Crib service especially for the children where the story of the birth of Jesus is retold in play form with the help of local children.

All of the churches support Father Matthias, Bishop of the Ho Diocese in Ghana.


If you live within the ecclesiastical parishes of Sherburn in Elmet, Saxton, Aberford or Micklefield (if you are not sure you can check this with the Administrator or via the website www.achurchnearyou.com), or have a current connection with one of the parishes (e.g. a regular worshipper at one of our services, a member of one of our associated groups, a child at one of the Church Schools) you are welcome to come to us to be baptised (if you have not been baptised already) or to bring your children to us for baptism/christening.

If you are enquiring about baptism for yourself, you should in the first instance contact one of the Ministry Team

If you are enquiring about baptism for your child, you may like to read the following before contacting Joan Brown the Baptism co-ordinator tel: 01937 557836 or email jebrown1@btinternet .com or attending our Baptism Preparation Group held at All Saints Sherburn-in-Elmet at 8.00pm on the first Wednesday in each month (except August and January).
NB. We normally hold services of baptism during the Sunday morning service and at separate services of baptism at 12.30 at Sherburn on other Sundays of the month. At these separate midday services of baptism there may be more than one family involved.
You may need to be fairly flexible about the date you prefer as we tend to be heavily booked in advance at certain times of the year, so cannot guarantee your first choice date.


We would love to welcome you to celebrate your wedding together at one of the churches in our group.  Please note that St Mary's Lead is not licensed for marriages but you can have a wedding blessing there.
The information below will hopefully answer some of your questions about who can be married in our churches, the choices you have about the content of the service and accompanying aspects such as bells, choir and flowers, and how much it all costs.
If you have any further queries, or would like to book a date for your service, then please contact the Vicar, Fr Chris Wilton or the Parish Administrator on 01977 682122 01977 682122.

  • Do you have to 'go to church' at one of the churches in the Group to be married there?
    No. As with any Parish Church in England, anyone who lives in the the relevant Parish automatically qualifies to be married there.
    If you are not sure whether you live within the parish area, you can either contact us or visit the website www.achurchnearyou.com to make sure.
    In addition, you are also eligible if one of you:
    • has at any time lived in the parish for a period of at least six months or
    • was baptised ('christened') at the the relevant parish church or
    • was confirmed at that church or
    • has at any time regularly gone to normal church services in that church for a period of at least six months
    OR if one of your parents, at any time after you were born:
    • has lived in the parish for a period of at least six months or
    • has regularly gone to normal church services in the parish for a period of at least six months or
    OR if one of your parents or grandparents was married in that church.
    If none of the above applies to you or your partner, then the remaining option is to enlist on our Electoral Roll. To do so, you can attend services of worship here regularly (i.e. at least once a month) for a period of six months or more.
    If you would like to consider this last option, I can let you know the times and days when services take place (or you can find them on our website).
    We would love to welcome everyone here regardless of where they live, but are bound by the rules concerning Marriage Law in the UK. Do have a word with us if you're still not sure whether you qualify.
  • Is it a problem if one of us is divorced or if one of us is a foreign national?
    No - not as a rule, however if either of these applies to you then you need to contact the vicar in the first instance rather than the office and let him know.
  • What other choices do we have?
    The words of the service are fixed (although you can choose between the traditional or more modern language options), however any additional readings or poems, all the music and whether you want the choir, the bells or any extra flowers are all up to you. The service can be videoed if you wish and the photographer can take photos throughout, as long as they are discreet action shots during the service itself, with specially posed photos done before and after.
  • Do we have to get married on a Saturday?
    No - it can be any day of the week (including Sundays) as long as the time slot is free. It does have to be between 8.00am and 6.00pm however (legally we can't do evening weddings yet).
  • How much does it all cost?
    The current cost for 2014 is £487 (there is likely to be a slight annual increase for future years)
    Optional extras are as follows:
    • Organist: £65 (+ £65 if the service is videoed)
    • Choir: £75
    • Bells:Sherburn  £100; Saxton £45; Barkston Ash £10; Aberford £40
  • If we have been married elsewhere, could we have a 'Blessing' at one of the churches?
    Yes, whether you would have just been married or are celebrating an anniversary from some years before.
    As a service of 'Blessing' isn't governed by Marriage Law, you would not have to 'qualify' by living here or by one of the other categories above. There is no cost for the service itself (we invite a donation instead) but any of the extras you might wish to include would cost the same as above. If you wish to have a blessing at St Mary's Lead there will be a fee payable to The Churches Conservation Trust

Further information

More information and ideas about marriage in the Church of England can be found at www.yourchurchwedding.org


Until the 19th century there was no Anglican church in the village. On 27th February 1869, William Thompson, Archbishop of York issued a licence to the vicar of Sherburn, Rev’d James Matthew to: ‘officiate in the drawing room of a house occupied by Mr Joseph Bartle situate at Barkstown (sic) in the parish of Sherburn’.
This was fine as far as it went but the licence did not allow the sacraments to be administered and soon there was a move towards the provision of a permanent building.
Mr William Squire, a local gentleman farmer, donated a suitable plot.

Trustees were appointed, their task to see that a Chapel of Ease should be erected and to provide a churchyard which ‘should not be used for burials but be kept as an ornamented and unbuilt on piece of ground’. There were no grants available and the costs were met by voluntary contribution.
The date of the completion of the building is not known but on 13th April 1878 the Archbishop of York gave a licence to the Rev’d James Matthew, vicar of Sherburn with Micklefield and Lotherton to officiate.
The first children to be baptised were John and George Liddle on 18th September 1881.
The services were accompanied by a harmonium and in 1907 a pipe organ was installed, powered by a blower – this can still be seen on the side of the organ. 
Electricity was installed in 1939 with electric lighting replacing the oil lamps and in 1964 electric heating replaced the coke oiler. An electric blower replaced manpower for the organ in the early 1970’s.

At the back of the church there is a garden, maintained by members of the village and there is an area for the burial of cremated  ashes. Thus fulfilling the original intention of the donors.